What makes a Deverell Smither?

We thrive on being different

Here at Deverell Smith we are all very different, it’s what makes our company a special place to work.  Different though we all are, we are at the same time united by a common set of values. These values help to set us apart from the industry, because  Our clients and candidates don’t come to us for the hard sale, they react to our personalities, expertise and credibility.

We look for these in everyone who interviews with us and we hire those who genuinely display these values. Our values are:


There is no fluff with us, we say it how it is. We offer our advice and feedback and don’t just say what people want to hear. Our honesty gives us the credibility and respect to build long lasting relationships within our teams and with our candidates and clients.


Our culture is unique for a competitive sales environment and loyalty is integral to this, we have each others back. We look after our team mates and work together, never against.


There are going to be some days where nothing seems to be going your way, where all you are facing is shut doors. On these days it is our determination through focus and a clear head that opens doors, creates new opportunities and makes us stronger.


We are daring, we take chances and we always go the extra mile.


From the office to the pub we make every day as varied and fun as possible by employing people you want to work with, designing an office space where you can meet, work, relax and feel proud and excited to come to work every day.

If you think you have these values. We would love to hear from you.