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deverellsmith’s recruiters come from all walks of life, and we understand life is about more than just working. Whether you are a marathon runner, musician, or DJ in your spare time, we believe ensuring you have a work/life balance is imperative to a fantastic working culture.

Our recruiter spotlights aim to give you an insight into who we are, our backgrounds, and a preview into what life as a recruiter is really like.

Let’s get to know Florrie Widgery (Consultant)…tell us what makes you, you!

I’m a recruitment consultant at deverellsmith and I’ve been here for a year in May, it’s gone so quickly I can’t believe it!

Prior to working at deverellsmith I was Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic/British Airways, and then I was a Sales Negotiator in Surrey for almost 3 years.

I’m a big people person; every job I’ve done since I’ve left school has orientated around that. Whether that’s been speaking to people whilst pushing a trolley 10,000 ft in the sky, or having a glass of wine with a candidate or client, I just love meeting new people.

I’m one of 4 girls, and having 3 sisters has seriously played a part in my being hugely competitive. I’ve always been sporty ever since I can remember and used to compete in a triathlon up until I went to college.

A fun fact that tends to surprise people about me is, I used to ride a quad bike and play tag rugby!


What has been your greatest accomplishment? 

My greatest work achievement would be my most recent senior deal which equated to x4 my average deal size. This felt like a real milestone for me, I now feel more confident with senior hires at that level.

My greatest personal achievement would be buying my own property. I had always wanted to buy a property and do it up… 2 years later it’s almost finished!


What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Leaving my previous estate agency job and starting a whole new career in a new city. I went from working down the road from where I live to commuting into London, doing a job I’d never done before.


How has working as an estate agent helped your recruitment career?

It’s helped a huge amount and I have lots of respect for people who join recruitment, alongside recruiting into sectors they have never worked in before – fair play to you! I know a number of people who learn their sector, and are brilliant within it, however, I felt immediately comfortable recruiting into roles that I was familiar with from day one.

I appreciate how the whole Saturday working feels like, I understand how disappointing it feels when a house sale falls through (been there done that)…I hope that makes me more relatable when I’m speaking to candidates.


What inspired you to join recruitment?

I was originally a candidate of my Manager, Ryan Doyle! I was working as an estate agent at the time and looking for a new role to progress my career, the next thing I knew I was part of the agency team at deverellsmith!

I remember saying to Ryan when he asked if I’d ever consider recruitment, ‘I want to earn lots of money and drive a Range Rover.’ His response was ‘Come join my team’.. I still don’t own a Range Rover, YET, but watch this space! 😊


What’s your favourite thing about working in the estate agency market?

How fast paced it is. I’m super impatient, and I want everything done yesterday, so this is the perfect market for me to work in. I like how I can speak to a candidate on a Monday, they can have 1st /2nd  stage interview, and an offer sometimes within 2 days.


How have you grown professionally whilst you’ve been on your team?

My confidence building my own client base. I think I was only familiar with one firm in London before I started! I’m super lucky to have built some great relationships with clients, of whom I’m grateful to get repeat business from. I love the idea of helping businesses with their growth plans and hope to continue to do so moving forward.


Which roles and location do you recruit into?

I recruit for front line fee earning roles, across Sales & Lettings within estate agency. This can include anyone new wanting to start a career as a trainee, right up to senior management level. Roles that I cover are Trainee, Negotiator, Senior Negotiator and Managers on both the sales and lettings side.


What’s the best part of your job?

My favourite part of the job has to be calling a candidate to tell them they’ve got a job that they really want. There’s no better feeling than playing a part in helping candidates progress their careers, especially when it’s fully deserved!


What advice would you give to any salesperson looking for a new role in property?

Speak to me! I’m joking.. kind of!

Write down your top 3 biggest ‘wants’ for your next role in order of importance.  Whether that’s money, progression, a better work life balance, a more aligned company culture or simply moving into a new geographical region.

There may have to be an element of flex, not all roles will have everything you want. However, I’m a huge believer of going with your gut, it has got to feel right when you leave an interview.

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