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deverellsmith’s recruiters come from all walks of life, and we understand life is about more than just working.
Whether you are a marathon runner, musician, or DJ in your spare time, we believe ensuring you have a work/life balance is imperative to a fantastic working culture.
Our recruiter spotlights aim to give you an insight into who we are, our backgrounds, and a preview into what life as a recruiter is really like. 

So, let’s get to know the individuals behind deverellsmith!

Meet Ross McEwan, our Senior Recruitment Consultant for Build to Rent…

Tell us about yourself and your background… 
I’m one of the senior consultants on the Build to Rent team at deverellsmith, and I’ve been working in recruitment now for just over 3 and a half years. 
I’m from Kent originally and was raised in Dartford. I have a bit of an interesting background as my Mum is from Trinidad and Tobago and my Dad is from Glasgow.
Growing up with parents from different backgrounds, they were both really supportive of everything that I’ve done. They just wanted me to do something and work somewhere I was going to be happiest. Although, they did want me to be a dentist which was something that I did try to peruse, but realised I was terrible at science. 
What is something about you that surprises people?

A fact about me that tends to shock people quite a bit is that I went through a bit of a phase when I was younger of wanting to learn how to dance, and I started to teach myself how to body pop. 
I think at first it was something people found quite impressive, but it’s haunted me since then and it’s one of those things that comes out on a night out with friends and even people at work. 
I’ve also always been quite creative and studied art all throughout school and have always been really interested in music. When I was at university, I started learning how to DJ and managed to perform at a few events and house parties, and it took off from there. 
What has been the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

The biggest risk that I’ve ever taken was joining deverellsmith. When I came out of university and went into my first job which was in recruitment, I became quite comfortable in my position. I was doing well, earning commission, and once you start building a network of clients and candidates, it’s risky to then take a leap of faith to join a new company and market.
Moving from somewhere where I was happy and comfortable, to joining a new business where anything could happen, meeting new people and a sector I’ve not had much exposure to was a massive risk.
It’s safe to say I don’t regret my decision and haven’t looked back since. 
It was a short-term loss for a long-term gain for sure.

How has your psychology degree helped you in your recruitment career? 

Before heading to university, I was toying between studying business or psychology and just found psychology a bit more interesting. 
Every aspect of business involves dealing with people, and I thought studying psychology would pay off that little bit more. I found my degree extremely interesting, learning about sociology, psychology of music, and criminology were areas I found super interesting. 
After my studies I was at a bit of a loose end, not knowing what I really wanted to do. I thought about what kind of role would allow me to use what I’d learned in my degree. I knew I wanted to work with people and provide them with a service that is beneficial to them, and I found recruitment fit that nicely.
I find my psychology background helps me a lot with the sales side of recruitment and a lot of the sales fundamentals, negotiations, and training. In recruitment, you’ve got to be able to understand what the client and candidate want from one another, and a big part of that is being able to understand a candidate’s personality and pairing them with a business they can be successful in. 
What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received? 

When I had my first interview at deverellsmith, one question I always ask is ‘What’s the biggest tip you could give me to ensure I’m successful in my role?’
And James Campion, our Managing Director said, ‘Do what you say you are going to do.’
I didn’t think about it too much at the time until I started working here, but it couldn’t be truer as a recruiter. You have to be very accountable for the decisions you make and once you are, that makes your life easier and builds trust with people.

If a client asks to meet you are 3 pm and you say you will put it in straight away, don’t delay it, do it right away. If you forget, their expectations of you will go down. 
I’d like to think that has really resonated with me.

What do you enjoy most about working in the BTR market? 

Build to Rent is a very emerging market now, and it is still evolving and growing which is the exciting thing about it. I’ve been in the sector for just over 3 years, and it’s interesting to see the growth that’s happened in that short period of time. 

The vast and rapid growth allows the team and I to really capitalise on this, as there is more room for people to move into the sector. Working in the sector also allows me to work in a wide range of roles, from concierges to multi-site general managers. 
What have been your top events since working at deverellsmith?

The first event that I attended was dodgeball, and that was an interesting way to be eased into the culture at deverellsmith. People got very competitive, and it was great fun.
Andrew also put on a fun DJ event in Soho. He rented out a club and performed for us all and it was impressive! 

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