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Have you ever felt worried or stressed at work, or uncomfortable about opening up to colleagues in fear of judgement?

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of mental health in the workplace. As more of us are opening up about our mental health struggles, it’s crucial for organisations to provide support to their employees.

One significant step towards creating a supportive and positive workplace is the presence of Mental Health First Aiders.

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week, this blog will introduce you to deverellsmith’s Mental Health First Aiders. These are the people who will be your support network, available to you at any time if you are struggling mentally and need someone to talk to. They are trained to offer you emotional support, practical advice and ultimately an ear to listen.

They’ve shared with you what it means to be a Mental Health First Aider, some well-being tips and advice and what impact they’ve made at deverellsmith…

Laura Croggon – Marketing and Communications Manager

I chose to become a Mental Health First aider as I have seen first-hand the negative impacts ignoring your mental well-being can have.

Growing up, close family members of mine struggled with depression as well as bipolar disorder and ADHD.

I feel having this experience has allowed me to have great empathy for anyone with mental health challenges. I genuinely want to listen and help those who are going through a tough time mentally. 

My advice is to remember that all feelings are valid and never compare your situation to someone else’s – everyone has the right to feel what they feel.

Nicola Broomham – Group Client Solutions Director at deverellsmith & Hintel

Not every company will have the same ideas on what supports and contributes to mental well-being, therefore it’s crucial for employers to work with their teams to understand what will be best for them. Having a mental health committee encourages more positive conversations around the topic and can help people like you feel more comfortable discussing it.

Ryan Doyle – Manager, Estate Agency & Well-being Ambassador

Offering employees the option to train as mental health first aiders is a great way to support the well-being and mental health of employees. Equipping them with the resources to support other employees when needed will make a significant difference. Investing in employee well-being will ultimately create a supportive environment, where you will feel valued and more comfortable discussing your feelings or concerns.  

Since becoming the Wellbeing Ambassador at deverellsmith, I have helped introduce Plumm Health which is available to all employees for free. It’s a workplace mental well-being solution and includes life coaching, meditation, and 1-1 therapy sessions. We also try to organise a well-being activity once a quarter, including things such as puppy yoga, free spin classes or yoga on our wonderful office rooftop! 

My well-being tip… managing our well-being is one of life’s toughest tasks, however, I adopted a strategy a few years back that I have found to really help. It involves me writing down anything and everything, which simply makes me feel great at that moment… whether that be a cold shower in the morning, going for a run, swimming, or even some white noise on the bedside cabinet at night to help me switch off.

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